Materials of Trade US (MOTs)

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  • This course covers the limitations and requirements associated with using the Materials of Trade exception found in 49 CFR, § 173.6. This exception provides important regulatory exceptions to the Hazardous Materials Regulations which allow hazmat employees to transport certain hazardous materials, in specific quantities, in company owned or leased vehicles for the purpose of their supporting business operations; this exception cannot be used by carriers. 

  • The information you will learn in this course is important for you to transport hazardous materials safely and legally in a company vehicle. Materials of trade are small quantities of hazardous materials transported as part of a business. The transport regulations do not allow you to transport ANY amount of hazmat in a vehicle without complying with certain requirements. You must follow all the requirements, or you will be in violation of transport regulations.


Learning Objective(s)
  • - Understand the limitations and requirements of the Materials of Trade exception found in 49 CFR, § 173.6 for safe the transportation of hazardous materials in support of a business that is not transportation.
  • - Understand when the exception can be used, what types of hazardous materials are eligible for this exception, quantity restrictions on your vehicle, and other rules you must comply with.

Target Audience
  • - Hazmat employees that operate motor vehicles containing materials of trade.

Regulatory Texts & References Required
  • - None

Recommended Resources

Pre-requisites Recommended

Course Features
  • - Run Time: 0h18
  • - Language: English
  • - Includes final assessment to validate student’s understanding of material
  • - Training certificate will be issued upon successful completion of course





Keywords: Materials of Trade, MOTs, 49 CFR

Materials of Trade US (MOTs)

Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Company Vehicles in the United States

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