IMDG Function Specific Training Program-Amd 39-18

The IMDG Code requires that all shore-side dangerous goods personnel be trained. This training program focuses on the safe and compliant transportation of dangerous goods transported by ocean common carrier. High quality visual aids in the form of professionally designed slides with narration keep your students attention while covering all of the significant compliance issues. Each module focuses on a different function and includes examples, exercises, and a test to help obtain practical experience using the IMDG regulations. Certificates, which comply with US DOT requirements to document employee training are presented at the successful conclusion of the course.

Modules include: Introduction; Classification; Consignment Procedures -Marking, Labeling, and Placarding; Consignment Procedures–Documentation; Non-Bulk and IBC Packaging; Portable Tanks; and Transport Operations.

The course is fully animated and narrated and includes review questions throughout the course and a final student assessment to verify understanding of the material presented. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Run Time for Course: 3:20:00


$325.00 per License
Total Payment Required $325.00

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Price: $325.00

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Difficulty: Medium


Module 1: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Introduction

Module 2: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Classification

Module 3: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Packaging

Module 4: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Consignment Procedures

Module 5: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Documentation

Module 6: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Portable Tanks

Module 7: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Provisions Concerning Transport Operations

Final Exam: IMDG Function Specific Training-Amd 39-Final Exam