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Dangerous Goods Transportation Compliance by Air (ICAO/IATA) 59th Edition 2018


This course is intended for training hazmat employees responsible for preparing, offering in transportation, or transporting hazardous materials, by air using the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations. The course is designed to satisfy the training requirements for hazmat/dangerous goods employees and other individuals within the scope of the transportation regulations, who are engaged in employee functions affecting safety in the offering of dangerous goods for transportation by air.

Modules include: Introduction; Limitations; Classification; List of Dangerous Goods; Packaging; Excepted Quantities and Limited Quantities; Marking and Labeling; Documentation and Radioactive.

The course is fully animated and narrated and includes review questions throughout the course and a final student assessment to verify understanding of the material presented. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.


Included Modules

IATA 59 2018 Mod 1 Intro Sec1

IATA 59 2018 Mod 2 Limitations

IATA 59 2018 Mod 3 Classification

IATA 59 2018 Mod 4 DGL

IATA 59 2018 Mod 5 Packaging

IATA 59 2018 Mod 6 EQ LQ

IATA 59 2018 Mod 7 Marking Labeling

IATA 59 2018 Mod 8 Shipping papers

IATA 59 2018 Mod 9 Radioactive

IATA 59 2018 Final Exam