ADR European Road Regulations for Carriage of Dangerous Goods 2020

Welcome to the training program entitled ADR, the European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road: Restructured ADR Applicable as from January 1, 2019).

There are a total of twelve modules including the final exam in the ADR Training program. Begin the course with module 1. Upon successful completion of each module you will be able to advance to the next module. Upon successful completion of all modules including the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion by email.

This course has been developed to provide training in the proper use of the ADR for the identification, classification, packaging, documentation, and carriage of dangerous goods by road intended for transportation within the European Union and within Contracting Parties who have adopted the ADR for use within their country.

The course includes the following modules:
• Introduction
• Classification
• Dangerous Goods List and Special Provisions
• Use of Packagings including IBCs and Large Packagings
• Packaging – Portable Tanks and Tank Containers
• Marking & Labeling
• Marking & Placarding
• Documentation
• Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities
• Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities
• Transport Provisions
• Final Exam

The course is fully animated and narrated and includes review questions throughout the course and a final student assessment to verify understanding of the material presented. 

Run Time for Course: 3:25:00

$325.00 per License
Total Payment Required $325.00

Course information

Price: $325.00

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Difficulty: Normal


ADR Introduction V20

ADR Classification V20

DGL and Special Provisions V20

Packagings IBCs and Lps V20

Portable Tanks

Marking and Labelling V20

Marking and Placarding V20

Documentation V20

Limited Quantities V20

Excepted Quantities V20

Transport Provisions V20

Final Exam - ADR 2020